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About EDventure Web

EDventure Web was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing teachers with an interesting and fun way to teach health topics in a cross-curricular format. Health topics are often something that can get skipped, but not when they are tied to a variety of other core subject areas!

EDventure Web consists of:

Health EDventure Website

Health EDventure is a K-12 curriculum website that focuses on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. This resource is provided FREE of charge for educators.

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Our Programs

We created two fun programs to introduce important health topics in a cross-curricular format.

Healthy KidZ Club: This program provides K-3 grade students the opportunity to practice important healthy habits while participating in a club atmosphere and earning incentives.

South Dakota Road Trip: This program takes 3-4 grade students on a virtual tour of South Dakota. Students make “stops” at large, small and historically important towns to learn town history, state history, and healthy habits.